These 4 Exercises Will Sculpt Your Triceps In A Matter Of Days

Whether you are a gym rat or someone that likes to stay healthy, you probably already know that there are dozens of different workouts. Most people like to stick to their regular routines without every venturing into new lands. There is nothing wrong with this, but you could be missing the change to capitalize of muscle growth, especially when it comes to these 4 supreme triceps workouts.

These workouts are unique and you have probably never seen anything like them, but they are truly effective and you will without a doubt benefit from them.

Why The Side Cable Triceps Extension Is Important

side cable triceps

When you think about it the triceps make up two-thirds of your arm’s size. So, it would only seem that building the triceps is just as important as building the biceps, especially if you are looking for size. The exercise is totally original, because it acts as an isolator, which allows you to focus all your efforts on the triceps alone. Other exercises like push-ups and chest presses tend to focus on the triceps as a secondary muscle, but the side cable triceps extension completely focuses on the triceps without any aid from other muscles groups.

Most people do not realize this, but the triceps help stabilize your shoulder joints, because they act as an extensor of the shoulder and elbow. When you build your triceps stronger, you are only increasing the strength and stability of your elbows and shoulders in the process.

To begin this exercise, you will need a cable machine with weights attached. You can set whatever desired weight you want to attempt to lift. Remember to start out light so, that you know what you can handle. First, grasp a stirrup from the cable machine, and turn your body so that the pulley is on the same side of your free arm while lifting the stirrup above your head. You now want to step forward slightly so that the stirrup is positioned behind your head. Your elbow should be slightly higher than the shoulder that is facing the pulley.

This will be your starting position. Now, push the stirrup out by extending the forearm until the elbow is straight. You can now return back to the starting position.

Smith Machine Bodyweight Triceps Extension

Smith Machine Bodyweight Triceps Extension

There are very few exercises, which are capable of targeting the triceps in the same manner as this exercise. The exercise is unique since it targets the triceps in an original angle and also uses your bodyweight. The combination ensures maximum effectiveness and results.

The bodyweight triceps extension is also very flexible. With a few adjustments of your feet, you’ll be able to change the resistance and difficulty of the workout. It is also an excellent choice for drop sets and super sets. If you want to achieve more with a single exercise, the Smith Machine bodyweight triceps extension is a wise workout. Products like the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells do 5 to 52.5 lbs, which is super great if you want to build muscles.

It’ll get your triceps burning, while also putting a great deal of tension on your core muscles. In order to maintain the appropriate form, you’ll be required to use your whole core. Therefore, the exercise can also be used to build your abs. Mastering the exercise will take time and patience.

Always begin as close to the bar as you can, until you feel comfortable enough to move backwards. And, do not attempt to lower the bar, until you are able to fully complete the movement, without losing your posture. During the exercise, it is essential to keep your head in a neutral position and make sure your elbows do not extend outwards.

Drop Set

If you want to increase the intensity of the workout, you should consider performing a drop set. Start near the top of the machine and work your way downward with consecutive sets. Once you’ve hit the bottom, you will be incredibly tired and you’ll need to push yourself. The drop set sequence is only recommended for those that are confidence in their abilities and strength.

The Double Cable Kickback

The Double Cable Kickback

Kickbacks are very common, but the majority of people perform them with a single hand or while holding dumbbells. Taking a similar route will only reduce the effectiveness of the workout. Instead, you should consider utilizing both arms. The exercise will replicate the aforementioned exercises and give you the ability to achieve the results you would get with both. At the same time, the double cable kickback is a good isolator. It’ll primarily target the triceps, so you can maximum the burn and concentrate all of your efforts on this specific muscle group.

Performing the same exercise with dumbbells can be effective, but it is also difficult to maintain your posture with dumbbells. Learning or moving your shoulders will only diminish the workout’s results. With the double cables, you’ll be forced to maintain proper posture.

When preparing for this exercise, it is essential to setup your cables in the right way. The cables should align with the height of your arms at the end of the movement. This will give you maximum range of movement at the end. Be sure to keep yourself parallel and maintain a straight back.

Don’t attempt to overdo it with weight. Excess weight is not necessary, in order to achieve results. Keep your reps tight, steady, and maintain your focus throughout. This will keep the tension concentrated on your triceps, so you can achieve more.

Exploring The Incline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

dumbbell triceps

The incline dumbbell triceps extension is known to many as the “skull crusher”. There are many reasons for this, but mainly because you have to keep the dumbbells above your head throughout the exercise. Just imagine if you accidentally dropped one of the dumbbells and where it would land?

Focusing on the triceps, with the weight bench moderately inclined, will mean that you are only using one joint. This is a great exercise that can be utilized for various forms of strength training, but you must remember that it main targets the triceps.

Since this is an arm triceps extension exercise, it will not put any stress on your wrists, which makes it perfect for individuals recovering from injury or strain. The key is to fully extend your arms, while gripping a dumbbell in each hand.

Once your arms are extended you will need to complete a full range of motion (ROM) through the synovial hinge joint (elbow joint), located between the humerus, radius, and ulna. To increase the intensity and duration of the exercise, just keep trudging through the longest ROM possible.

If you exhibit any shoulder action during the exercise, you can keep your arms locked in place. Don’t allow the dumbbells to touch your upper body, because this will decrease the effectiveness and alter the stimulus on the muscle.

Exploring The Two Top Imperial IPAs: Heady Topper Or Pliny The Elder

Almost everyone has a craving for a delicious cold brew after a hard day at the gym. However, there is always the question of which imperial IPA will satisfy your taste buds. The Zmurgy magazine has praised the Pliny the Elder for 8 years and counting, which is no surprise to beer lovers. The beer is equivocal to a malt-to-hop brew, with fairly moderate hops. It is the perfect example of West Coast India pale ale and there is no doubt why it is favored over the many other IPAs.

Heady Topper

Heady Topper is gradually making its way to the top 101 Best Beers in America list. Brewed in Waterbury, Vermont, Heady Topper has recently made some headway, even though the Alchemist Brewery was not displayed in the top 10 until some time in 2014. Bell’s Two Hearted falls into the second position, followed by Heady Topper, which is pretty amazing considering that it was in the sixth place the previous year.

Comparing Heady And Pliny

 Every beer lover has a preferred taste, when it comes to IPAs. When comparing Heady and Pliny, you instantly notice that both are 8 percent ABV, which is a fair balance of malt and hops. However, the two are very different in that the Heady Topper smooth barely base that offers a rich, grainy flavor. Be sure to weigh in on this comparison and let us know which ABV hop bomb you prefer.

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