A Comprehensive PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand Review – A Must?

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Do you want a strong and affordable, same time safe and durable weight stand for your weight systems or dumbells? I recommend you give the powerblock compact weight stand a chance? I recommend you try this stand and see it for yourself. You can also select the best adjustable dumbbell set for home

As someone, who has used adjustable dumbbells extensively, you likely understand that they work better with a stand. A good stand will make exercising with the dumbbells substantially safer, since you won’t be required to bend over and put your back at risk.

Unfortunately, finding a good stand for this specific purpose is easier said than done. Some stands are gawky and simply too bulky. If you want a compact stand, which is affordable, safe, and durable, you’ll definitely want to check out PowerBlock’s Compact Weight Stand. The item will be explored in further depth below.

PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand Reviews and Discounts

powerblock compact weight stand

You can purchase the PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand from Amazon.

Specifically Designed For PowerBlock

Before rushing ahead and making your purchase, you need to remember that this specific stand is designed by PowerBlock. Although it might be suitable for other purposes, it will serve you best, if you use it as it was originally intended.

The stand should only be used with PowerBlock welded sets, which are 50 pounds or lighted. As long as you use it for this purpose and don’t add too much weight, it’ll work superbly well and will prove to be advantageous for many years to come.

Easy Storage

If you happen to have a room, which is dedicated to your workout equipment, you won’t have to worry about putting everything away at the end of the workout session. Unfortunately, most people are simply not this lucky. The good news is that the Compact Weight Stand is specifically designed for those that fit into the latter category.

If you wish to leave it up for the night, you can do so without any concerns. However, if it must be put away, you’ll be able to do so easily.

This is the case, because the stand is capable of folding flat. This makes it easy to store and more portable than you might imagine.


If you like to take your dumbbells with you to the gym, you probably find yourself making frequent weight adjustments on the floor. Not only does this low position put a lot of strain on your lower back and knees, but it slows down the process significantly.

To eliminate this issue, you should consider investing in the PowerBlock Compact Weight Stand. This product is specifically designed for the Sport 5.5 PowerBlock or associated 50-pound dumbbell set.

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The stand is extremely sturdy, plus it is equipped with a locking mechanism that ensures stability. The top has a lip to prevent the dumbbells from falling off into the floor. It folds up and only weighs around 16-20 pounds, so you can easily toss it in your vehicle and transport it to the gym. Never again will you be forced to stoop and bend, just to make a weight adjustment.

Assembly Process

One great advantage that you will receive, when you invest in the PowerBlock Compact Stand is it can be utilized straight out of the box. When you receive your shipment, just open the box, remove the table, unfold it, and it is ready for use.

Small Footprint

The entire purpose of purchasing a weight stand is to store your dumbbells in a much more convenient and compact way. It would truly defeat the purpose, if you decided to purchase a stand, which was bulky and oversized. The PowerBlock Stand cannot get much smaller than it already is.

The stand has a tiny foot print of just 20 inches by 18 inches. This keeps it out of the way and also allows it to be tucked neatly into a corner. The stand has a height of 24 inches. This is the perfect size for those that no longer want to bend over, in order to reach their dumbbells.


  • Very compact and will never get in the way
  • Keeps the dumbbells off of the floor
  • Makes your workout easier
  • Eliminates trip hazards
  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Folds flat for easier storage and portability
  • Works perfectly for PowerBlock Dumbbells 50 pounds and lighter


  • Only works with a small number of PowerBlock Dumbbells
  • Limited versatility

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, the Compact Weight Stand might not be able to accommodate all dumbbells, but it still works well for what it can do. If you have lighter PowerBlock Dumbbells, you definitely need to consider purchasing this stand, so you can keep your dumbbells off of the ground, while also protecting your back!

Best value
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