Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

If you have purchased adjustable dumbbells you might be wondering what are other types of lifts that you can do to work on your shoulders. This is a very important part of your body as it connects your arms to the rest of your body and will determine the amount of weight that can be lifted by your biceps, triceps and chest.

It is also a great feature with or without a shirt on and gives the V shape that many people are looking for. It is a myth that broad shoulders are genetic, there are specific exercises that you can complete with your dumbbells to increase the size of the muscles that are found in the shoulder. This includes the deltoid muscle which will increase the size and stature of your rack.

Top 5 Shoulder Exercises

1. Shoulder Presses

This is the most common lift that is important to do on a regular basis. You will hold a fairly heavy weight in each hand at shoulder level while being seated or standing and press up towards the sky. You want to ensure that as you move the dumbbells upwards that it is a smooth motion and rotates naturally.

There is no need to keep them completely facing in one direction, simply start the movement upwards and allow your arms to turn when it feels more comfortable. This will reduce the stress and strain on the shoulder iteself and help to build more muscle. You can alter this workout into an Arnold press by positioning the dumbbells near your chest with your palms facing your body.

From here you will push up and rotate the dumbbells all the way around until you get back to that natural position, then return them to the original setting on the way down in a controlled manor. This was made famous by the terminator himself as he pushed to build the size of his inner shoulder muscles which can be hard to focus.

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2. Side Raises

From a standing position you will hold two light adjustable dumbbells by your side and lift up towards the sky as if you are flapping your wings. You can go high enough until your arms will not move upwards any more without causing harm to the muscle since the weight should be light enough.

3. Front Raises

This is a very similar motion to the side raise except you will face your palms to the floor and move upwards directly in front of you, then back down to your side. You can combine these two lifts into a single set for maximum effectiveness all around the shoulder muscles.

4. Trap Squeezes

It is common that the trap muscles are forgotten about on shoulders day as most people think it is a neck workout. This is not the truth as your Trapezius muscles are connected to the tops of the shoulders and you will notice in most bodybuilders you can see a connection between the two body parts. Maintaining strength in both will increase your overall body strength and physique.

5. Shadow Boxing

With a very light weight dumbbell in each hand you can have some fun with your workout and do some shadow boxing. This means throwing punches continuously until your shoulders burn out due to holding up the weight. Remember to keep your hands up in front of your face at all times and move your body a little bit.

This is a great way to warm up and cool down your shoulders after a tough session at the gym and to sculpt them a bit more for that ripped appearance which the ladies love.

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