Universal 5 Position Weight Bench Review – Better Than The Rest?

The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench offers 5 different positions (hence the name, Universal 5 position), and you can perform several dozens of exercises. This weight bench has a 250 pound maximum user weight, and a 430-pound maximum user weight and lift load.

The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench has a total review of 533 customers reviews on amazon, compared with the 104 of the bowflex bench, this weight bench has some of the most awesome features.

If you happen to know anything about gym equipment manufacturers, you’ll most likely have heard of Nautilus. The company is widely known for manufacturing many of the treadmills and ellipticals, which are utilized within commercial gyms.

This should tell you a thing or two about the company’s reliability and the quality of their products. They also make an array of products for home use. The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench is one of their most popular products amongst consumers. Is it better than the rest or does it simply feature the Nautilus name, without any bearing?

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Array Of Positions

Each weight lifter is different and each will want something different. This is why it is pertinent to invest in exercise equipment, which is versatile and flexible. The Universal 5 Position Bench possesses both characteristics. As the name suggests, the bench deliver 5 positions, which include inclines and a decline. With this bench, the user will be able to switch between a decline of 10, flat or inclines of 15, 30, and 45-degrees. This helps to guarantee that you’ll be able to use the bench for an assortment of different purposes.

If you wish to do sit ups, until your abs burn, you’ll be able to do so. However, you can also switch to the flat setup and use the bench to stabilize yourself for dumbbell curls.


Warranty is always important, regardless of what it is your buying. This is especially true, when purchasing something that will be forced to withstand a lot of wear and tear like a weight bend.

Despite the generous affordability of the Universal 5 Position Weight Bench, the product is protected by two decent warranties. The upholstery is covered for a period of thirty days. As for the frame, this portion of the bench will be covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Maximum Weight Capacity

When shopping for a weight bench the first factor that will be taken into consideration is the weight capacity. In order for a bench to offer versatility, it will need to hold a significantly high amount of weight.

If you want a weight bench that can be utilized by the entire family, you should consider the Nautilus Universal. This bench is designed to hold up to 430 pounds of weight, which is suitable for the average male, with an additional 100 pounds of dumbbell weight. 


When you consider the Universal’s price tag, you may instantly think that this is a low-quality weight bench. This is a huge misconception, because this model is designed to offer an unlimited array of benefits. The backrest is ergonomically designed to mimic the upper and lower back. Not only will this ensure 100% flexibility, but it will promote your performance in many ways.

While, the seat is not contoured in any way, it will still provide a high level of comfort. You can definitely appreciate the rollers located on the frame underneath the seat. These rollers are layered with durable foam that is 5” thick.

These rollers will help the athlete stabilize their body, when doing bench presses and other weightlifting exercises. The rollers are also contoured to replicate the shins to provide a higher level of stability and comfort.

Surprising Mobile

Many individuals will want a good weight bench, which can be moved from location to location easily. The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench offers a mixed bag within this category. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature wheels at the bottom, which is something that others do.

However, it still remains fairly portable, thanks to its weight. The bench is fairly compact and weighs around 30 pounds. So, if you don’t mind lifting it up and moving it about, you shouldn’t have much trouble doing so.


  • Offers plenty of positions and accommodates many exercises
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bench padding is very comfortable
  • Assembly process is uncomplicated
  • Very solidly constructed and capable of supporting a great deal of weight
  • Decent warranty
  • Moe affordable than the alternatives
  • Levelers helps to keep the bench level at all times


  • Bench length might not be able to support taller individuals
  • No wheels at the bottom

Final Conclusion

The Nautilus Universal is one of the most affordable, high-quality weight benches on the market. Its design was created with the athlete in mind, with 5 different positional adjustments to choose from, you can customize easily to suit your needs. You cannot go wrong, when investing in this bench, because you also receive a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee that will add more assurance to the sale.

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